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First download the eNexia Game Client, create your character and login to the game, click the npc and enter your bank storage PIN and recovery email address. you can enter your referral also here or you can skip the referral thingy.

After you done all the click the NPC again and select Venture to eNexia world, you will be warped to some place to show you some information regarding the game, I recommend you to read it thoroughly, next you will be warped to your first Tutor Jadespear, click him until he give you more menu selection to choose. Here you can choose to instantly level to 99 or you progress and enjoy the leveling grind using the old fashioned way (its your choice, no big difference anyway), make sure you grab the Jadespear blessing that give you double exp buff for 1 whole week

I recommend you to read the welcome mail to get know about the command and hotkey in-game (press shift + 'm' button) and also read the news and guide board (press 'b' button) to get your self updated about changes and get help on what to do (some of the guide probably outdated but overall will give you some guideline to follow, you are more than welcome to update it though)

If you choose the instant level 99, you will be asked on the spot to choose your job/class there are four classes/job to choose from warrior, rogue, mage and poet. The class mentor are located off the gates of Buya, Rogue is right next to West Gate, Poet is north east of South Gate, Mage is North of East Gate, and Warrior is west of North Gate. Look for the statues of the White Tiger (Baekho), the Black Turtle (HyunMoo), the Red Phoenix (Jujak), and the Blue Dragon (ChungRyong) If you lost you can always talk to the City Guard at every gate in the city and tell them you are lost, they are more than happy to help you go to the places you wanted.

First thing to do is complete all your basic daily quest, you can open the guide number 178 and guide number 179 to get all the information you needed

Then complete all your 99 gear quest to help you get proper equipment to venture further, armor quest (level 98-99 quest) is the first requirement to the most of the quest you need to do, talk to Advisor Kim in the Trowulan Palace to get started. Next thing to do is the level 99 Weapon quest or Level 99 accessories quest, before you can take the level 99 shield quest you need to complete the Weapon quest first.

To choose a subpath you need to find the NPC you want and bring the NPC the item they asked before you could join their subpath click here to see all the Subpath NPC location

Next your target will be First Mark, Second Mark and Third Mark, read the guide to get more information how to reach that target, there will be alot hunting and gathering item or completing certain quest to reach that far

Other things to do at top of every hour are Minigames Event, you can participate on Elixir Wars, Snow Ball Fights, Carnages, and Water Sumo occur at the top of every hour, participating will add a line on your Legend, AND GIVE YOU 70% of the exp towards your next level! So take a break from the grind, and come have fun with us, it is worth it.

You are welcome to subscribe our premium services as well, it will give you more extra benefit than our regular member, All premium services can be bought from Blackmarket NPC at X043 Y005 like shown by the image below

Premium 1.PNGPremium 2.PNGPremium 3.PNG