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Mage Guide

After reaching lvl 99 (which can be done easily through Jadespear)

Please follow these steps:
1. Prepare 10,000 Gold
2. Warp to Trowulan from Inn
3. Gate to North Trowulan, then go left to Trowulan Palace (22, 30)
4. Enter the Main Hall and then meet NPC Kim (18, 03) - Please turn off Group
5. You will be asked to kill monsters that exist in Buya Chost Cave (132, 22)
5. After killing the monsters, come back to NPC Kim
6. Your next destination is Buya Haunted House (9, 65) and kill the required monster
7. Go back to NPC Kim for the next part of the quest
8. Collect 50 Bear Fur from Buya Bear Cave (111, 125)
9. Go back to NPC Kim and you will be asked to provide 1 Wave Rod, 12 Amber and 50 Bear Fur
10. Go to Trowulan Blacksmith (56, 62) for the next part of the quest
11. Enjoy the CINEMATIC~