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General Game Play

Q: Delivery quests doesn't work or start

A: probably you haven't completed the step, try check from the first npc

Q: My mount / IM / right click item info doesn't show properly

A: Try re login, close the client and start again

Q: Minor quest won't complete

A: make sure the mob requested is the last thing you kill, leave group if you have any, and only use single target skill

Q: You are always busy message when dropping a star

A: re login should clear the busy message

Q: My karma seem doesn't increase

A: higher karma level required more karma point

Client Issue

Q: What is the supported client version to play eNexia

A: Supported client version 749

Q: Mouse movement is very laggy inside the game

A: Please right click the NexusTK.exe choose properties and set the compatibility option to Windows 7 and set the reduced color mode to 16-bit Properties.png

Q: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)"

A: Please make sure you are using the supported client version.